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X-Band Italian premiere from Canada  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, March 21 2007

Do not miss Radioascolto.org's special report from the Italian North-
Eastern location in Piancada, where a group of friends regulary (once
per month, approx.) manages to organize very profitable DXpeds. The
long tips list just published on Radioascolto.org gives a nice
glimpse into ho conditions toward North and South America on
mediumwave can be promising on the Eastern seashores of Italy, in
spite the conspicous portion of land radiowaves have to cross from
the opposite coast. Voces Latinas, the community station from Canada
on 1610 was the amazing (and presumably First For Italy) log. We
hopefully will be able to provide you with some audio from that later



DX galore at dawn  View Printable Version 
Saturday, February 24 2007

Wonderful team job for the Italian DX scene. From Sicily to the North-
East, excellent catches happen during local sunrise. A short but
intense and fruitful early morning passion. Recent highlights include
Radio Cordillera, Bogotà on 1190, identified through the Todelar
network phone numbers recorded and succesfully googled out by Andy
Lawendel, who also managed to extract a decent announcement from a
newly assigned CJRS Radio Shalom station in Montreal, on 1650, and a
couple of station slogans from Iowa's KCJJ, The Mighty 16-30, on
1630 . Saverio De Cian keeps playing up with his new SDR toy,
producing an everlasting series of surprising IDs. Much of these and
other brilliant DX artcraft is being detailed, as usual, on:



Summing up  View Printable Version 
Saturday, February 17 2007

Faiallo's channel here on Hard Core Dx was silent for a while due to
some professional engagement and travel. Mediumwave channels weren't
that silent however. Please refer as usual to http://
www.radioascolto.org/html/index.php for latest news and clips,

New name for Radio da Cidade on 1370 (formerly Atual) from Iguatemi
Llanerisima 14-70 from Valencia, Venezuela (was R. Latina) as
reported by Gert Nilsson, has been logged by Renato Bruni and others.

Nice audio clip from Radio Minuto de Dios Barranquilla, as recorded
by Giampaolo Galassi on 1370.

Also, two excellent catches by Saverio de Cian, operating from a
mountain location in the North-Eastern province of Belluno (almost
the same area of a world-renowned Cortina D'Ampezzo). Definitely,
Saverio doesn't live close to the sea shore, but he's exctracting
incredible transatlantic signals with his K9AY all the same. His two
most recent high quality tips, around 06 in the morning are R.
Rebelde on 1180 (Cuba is very seldom reported here) and La Voz de la
Raza from Medellin on 1200.19.

Saverio's crystal clear ID of LV de la Raza can be savoured on:

http://www.radiopassioni.it/audio/1200.19 160207 0607.wav


Alternative DX nights in Sicily  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, February 06 2007

In Europe, we take too often for granted that great DX conditions are
to be found in a northenly direction. As it happens, there's one DXer
living south of Mount Etna who day after day shows we might as well
think again. Working really hard on his newly acquired Winradio SDR,
Salvo Micciche' - who lives and listens in Ragusa, amidst
architectural gems of a world famous Sicilian baroque - exctracts
unexpected Central and South American signals, usually from
frequencies which are almost totally off limits in the Northern
Italian regions, due to side channel interferences. What's more, when
Salvo MW band plays salsa, merengue or milongas, some thousand
kilometers north from him different stations are heard. It's really
something one should go deeper inside. Perhaps on some breathtaking
beach in Sicily or in one of its incredible lesser islands (what
about Favignana?). Art, cuisine and DX vacations anybody?
To wet your appetites, why don't you help yourselves with a closer
look to Radioascolto.org latest tips. You'll be amazed to find how
good WKAQ Puerto Rico on 580 kHz (heard last night, Jan. 5th right
after midnight UTC) can sound... Sample it directly on this clip:


and read about Salvo and other Faiallo friends exploit on the usual



Instant verification  View Printable Version 
Friday, February 02 2007

Eusebio Mejia Yerves, station engineer at R. UNAM Mexico, has sent
Renato Bruni an almost instant e-mail QSL for a report based on the
evidence recorded on 9599.25 the other night (see previous news here
on Radioascolto HCDX channel and other details and audio samples on
Giampaolo Galassi reported much stronger signals from UNAM yesterday
evening, Feb. 1st, around 22.30 UTC. Andy Lawendel checked the band
at the same moment, against a noise background which was hopelessly
unfavourable and with a short piece of wire connected to his Palstar.
Only a carrier was detected on 9599.3, but Brasil R. Cultura could
pierce through the noise floor on 9615 (which is exceptional in such
circumstances). Fluttery, almost Sporadic-E like signals from Brasil
came also in the 25 mb, namely 11.815. Andy reports it was funny to
experience that, given concurrent low K values.

Here's Ing. Mejia Yerves e-mail:

2007/2/1, Eusebio Mejia Yerves <emejiay (at) servidor (dot) unam
(dot) mx>:

Estimado Renato Bruni

Muchas Gracias por tu reporte, ya revisamos el fragmento de audio y en
efecto es Radio UNAM.

espero que sigas recibiendo señal de Radio UNAM y nos la puedas mandar.

Muchas gracias

Ing. Eusebio Mejia Yerves
Radio UNAM
860 KHz, 96.1 MHz y 9600 KHz.
México DF

----- Original Message -----
From: "Renato Bruni"
To: <emejiay (at) servidor (dot) unam (dot) mx>
Cc: <jusadiez (at) hotmail (dot) com>
Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 4:55 PM
Subject: Unam oida a Italia


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